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Zettle by PayPal Offer

Zettle by PayPal generously supports OpenMarkets

OpenMarkets Zettle Offer to Market Traders

Sign up to Zettle through OpenMarkets and get your Zettle Reader for just £19 (excl. VAT) and your first £1,000 of transactions free of charge! (See Terms and Conditions below).

To benefit please apply to trade using the OpenMarkets app.





GIve Customers More Ways to Pay

Simplify your day with more payment options

Reach more customers by accepting payments in seconds

Carry out transactions quickly, simply and securely

Simplify bookkeeping by connecting accounting apps


Flexible pricing

Standard transaction fee of 1.75% with £1000 free transactions for OpenMarkets Traders!

Money in your bank in 1-2 business days

No lock-in contracts or hidden fees

Grow Your Business

OpenMarkets helps traders to expand to new markets and Local Authorities.

With Zettle by PayPal as your partner, you will have the payment tools you need as you expand.


To benefit please apply to trade using the OpenMarkets app.


*Offer T&Cs. Offer  valid for one (1) Zettle Reader per new business user who creates a Zettle account between 22.09.2022 and 22.09.2023. Offer limited to first 1,000 participants. Subject to availability.

The offer of no fees up to a maximum sales volume of one thousand (£1,000) corresponds to a sum equivalent to £17.50 in fees (and will be credited on your Zettle by PayPal account by 22.09.2023 and must be transacted using the Zettle service before 22.09.2023.

See Full Terms and Conditions of the Offer here.

See Zettle service Terms here  and the sale and provision of hardware delivery terms here.

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