Tower Hamlets

Watney Market

Found in between Whitechapel and Shadwell, this market gives you a glimpse of the borough’s diverse range of residents. It’s very community-focussed and offers a heady mix of gadgetry, fruit, veg, fashion, cultural wear and household goods.

Prices are very reasonable and it draws eagle-eyed bargain hunters from all over Tower Hamlets. There is also an Idea Store that gives you access to the council’s services and advice.

Key Trader Information

Commodities Clothing, Footwear, Hot or Cold prepared/cooked Food and Drink, Fruit and Vegetables, Cosmetics, Electrical, Jewellery, Souvenirs, Flowers, Household
Commodities Wanted Souvenirs, Jewellery, Electrical, Cosmetics, Fruit and Vegetables, Hot or cold prepared/cooked Food and Drink, Footwear, Clothing, Flowers, Household
Pitch Availability Good Availability
Days Open Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

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